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I didn't know it starting out, but English Writing and Communication complement each other well. Both examine and put into practice the intricacies of language, and both introduced me to wonderful professors and mentors who have helped me develop my thinking and writing. Here are some samples of my recent academic work.

The Effect of Race on Female Relationships

I wrote this for my ENGLIT 0610: Women and Literature class in the Spring 2016 semester. In it, I examine the intra- and inter-generational female relationships in Alice Walker's The Color Purple and Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club, respectively. Forbes & Fifth Fall 2016 published a revised version, which you can read here.

What Beyoncé's Super Bowl 50 performance is trying to Slay

After seeing the visceral backlash to Beyoncé's Super Bowl 50 performance, I knew what I wanted to write about for my COMMRC 0320: Rhetorical Process Spring 2016 term paper. I selected Tomi Lahren's video response and analyzed the ways in which she critiques Beyoncé's performance and transforms the speech genre of black pride into the speech genre of white hatred.

Nosedive: Escaping the Oligopticon

My COMMRC 1430: Knowledge, Power, and Desire Spring 2017 class began with readings of Foucault that I believe manifest in to season 3 episode 1 of Black Mirror, "Nosedive." I wrote and revised an analysis of excerpts from Foucault's Discipline and Punish, and Dodge and Kitchin's "The ethics of forgetting," in which I argue that "Nosedive" portrays an oligopticon that fulfills Foucault's vision via constant sousveillance and the systematic valuation of consciously created life-logs.

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