Writing is like falling down a flight of stairs. It's something you do.

I'm not a huge fan of platitudes about writing, but having fallen down a flight of stairs before, I can attest to this one. Here are some samples of my writing from recent years.



"Unnamed" | Waxwing | February 2021

"Have you heard the woman screaming in the woods" | [insert] | December 2020

"Warmth" | Three Rivers Review | April 2018


"Vinegar Mind" | Three Rivers Review | April 2018


"Watching a Bridge" | McNeese Review | forthcoming March 2021

"Names | 姓名" | Chestnut Review | January 2021 | listen here

"Sitting in a café on a Monday morning" | Jellyfish Review | June 2020

"Red Strings" | The Offing | May 2020

"Fighting Through Turnover Tempest: Running an Undergraduate Literary Magazine" | The Review Review | March 2018


"Triple Nothings: Racial Identity Formation in Chinese-American Adoptees" | Bachelor of Philosophy Thesis | April 2019

Committee: Lynn Clarke (chair), David Molina, Frayda Cohen, Kimberly McKee

It is finals week, and I must scream

A reflection on catharsis and the benefits of screaming after four long years of undergrad.

Identity politics: finding my heritage in a hometown I never knew

When I returned from studying abroad in Shanghai, I reflected on the two months in my birth country with a focus on my trip to my hometown and the welfare center where I stayed. 

Daly Trimble: A selfless social servant

Every year, The Pitt News publishes 25 feature-length profiles on people in the Pitt community, and I got the chance to sit down with Daly Trimble, who spoke to me about her community engagement, faith, and feminism.

China is phasing out its one-child policy for the wrong reasons

After news broke that China will phase out its one-child policy, I wrote a column on the nuances of their decision, focusing on the ramifications and lasting consequences for women from the perspective of someone directly affected by the policy.

Five obsolete jobs we need to bring back

Over the summer, I wrote a lighthearted listicle of outdated jobs. To write it, I tapped into two of my favorite things — weird facts and historical rabbit holes.

Best of the Burgh: Addressing Inequities Through Gardens

For Best of the Burgh, the editorial team gets to pick its local favorites in addition to the readers' poll, and I chose to spotlight Grow Pittsburgh's efforts to expand food access and equity in the city.

Pandemic profile: Brian Deutsch

In the early days of the pandemic, I profiled a grocery store employee about his experiences as an essential worker at an Asian grocery store.

Baron Batch Faces Identity for CMU International Film Festival

I wrote this after attending a press conference with Baron Batch and representatives from the Carnegie Mellon University International Film Festival. 

Oakland Crows: A Big Mess But a Harmless Murder

After months of crows creeping out students in Oakland, I researched and wrote my first long-form 412 blog post on the history and habits of the crows.

Break It Down: St. Paul Cathedral

I wrote this for Sean Collier's Break It Down section, which examines Pittsburgh landmarks and phenomena through numerical-based facts. I pitched the idea for St. Paul, and I also visited the site and interviewed Father Kris Stubna before writing the piece.

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